Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mini Mahal. //

So before, I brought up the architecture feats of Lego. Now they're continuing it with the Taj Mahal. $300, and just under 6000 pieces. Incredible!

It measuring over 20 inches wide and 16 inches tall. Again incredible! For more toy related stuff, check out this blog; Playgrounder. Actually really sweet toys, that are way better then back in my day.


the Land Shark!

or Ride-On Mercedes SL.

Still overloading.

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Embedded with Mighty Mos. //

This is a fantastic stumble since I'm a huge fan of Mos Def. Basically a camera crew followed Mos Def during his tour of Japan to promote his new album Ecstatic, which you can download here.

He's gives insight on some of his new music, you see him away from the microphone, and also take in some great view of Japan. The same film crew also followed Common, Silversun Pickups, The Decemberists, among other artists. And, are soon to be released in the next few weeks. A new artist upload will be on to the site every week, so check it out...

Still truckin'.

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Duck Sauce! //

This is by far my favourite music collaboration, with by far the best name: Duck Sauce.

Two DJs:
- A-Trak (Canadian born, winner of three major DJ competition titles and five-time World Championship winner, and was once Kanye West's tour DJ)
- Armand Van Helden (Boston born, producer and remixer, and critically acclaimed in Europe)

They basically were acquaintances before, loved each others work, and wanted to get together for a project. Their
aim is to produce disco house tracks that will appeal to club DJs, and you'll get a good hear from their first single; aNYways.

Their album is soon to drop October 26th, look out for that, or check back here. I'll hopefully have it.

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Awkward Mr. West. //

So this is something to check out. Ever since the Taylor Swift incident at the MTV Music Awards a few months back, Kanye West has been everywhere in music. Recently, him and Spike Jonze came together to create a short film; We Were Once A Fairytale...

It debuted at the Los Angeles Film Festival this past June, but was just released to the public a few days ago. Its a very surreal short film, but something that doesn't surprise me coming from Kanye West. Check it out yourself.

Again, been some time is my last, but school has been quite a time thief. Overloads tonight.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shoe of the Shop. //

So this is sick: Adidas City Series.

Adidas has pair up with 4 international shoe boutiques from around the world to create a shop specific shoe.

UNDFTD x L.A. Trainer
Sole Service x Oslo
Solebox x Berlin
Bodega x Boston

The last one.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fitted Won-Oh-Fyour. //

Diamond Supply Co.


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Oakley Frogskin! //

Soon to launch in November: New Frogskin Oakleys designed by Eric Koston.

Looks good. But not so much on me.

No. 4

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Lenny & Justice? //

This is out of left field, and probably as good as the MSTRKRFT x John Legend.

*So I can't find a proper embed. So follow this*

Numero 3.

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Fluro Two. //

Nixon Fluro Player.

Neon Green.

Next one: Thanksgiving Week.

Number 2.

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Where You From? //

Firstly. Its been long. Way too long. Regardless...

Represent where your from with theses posters by Ork. For now they hit most the the major cities of USA; LA, Chicago, NYC, Philly, among others. Toronto is on the to do list. Hopefully done soon. Fingers crossed.

Something definitely on my radar once the TO poster is up. And if thoughts of Vancouver. Its already mine.

One down.

Till later.