Saturday, May 21, 2011

Branding //

Found on InspireFirst. Clever Star Wars branding.

Time Lapse //

Stumbled on this while browsing YouTube.

Great time lapse of Downtown Toronto with a very relaxing track by Deadmau5.

Even better; the remix.

Deadmau5 - Community Nap (StrobeHypnoticz Remix) by StrobeHypnoticz


Friday, May 6, 2011

Cityscape. //

No Words. Just Amazing.


Star Wars. //

Found on TopCultured. Basically artistic spin on personalized Star Wars bicycles.


Marketing. //

Still in Creative Criminals; a clever way to incorporate Facebook into real life and great way to promote your brand.


Marketing. //

Snatched right from Creative Criminals, an advertising/marketing blog.

Neat ad campaign for Hard Rock Cafe done in Argentina. A Historic Posters look of iconic musicians.






Thursday, May 5, 2011

Art. //

Continuing on SlamxHype. Stussy and Marvel collaborated on a new poster collection.


Art. //

Found this on SlamxHype; clever Banksy art. Cheers


Desserts. //

Stupid hiatus on my part.

Anyway. Found this on
Foodbeast. To die for! A very delicious Strawberry and Nutella Cream cheese pie. Looks amazing. Click the picture for the recipe.

More now to come. Cheers


Monday, April 25, 2011

Sports. //

Found this gem on Chitwood & Hobbs. ESPN video magazine E:60 did a piece on the Vancouver Canucks' Green Men. Cheers.

- lawrence

Supercar. //

Grabbed from Highsnobiety; the introduction of Lamborghini's new Aventador supercar.


- lawrence.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Music. //

New Beastie Boys album leaked: Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. Cheers.

Also check out the single: Make Some Noise.

- lawrence.

Video. //

So this was mentioned on my drive back from Meaford on TSN Radio.

Basically ESPN's Sport Science analyzes which is more devastating; in baseball; a catcher getting hit by a runner at home plate or in football; a running back getting tackled midfield by the defence. Check it out. Cheers

- lawrence.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Collaboration. //

Apologies on nothing yesterday; I pretty much ate up my mobile internet Friday.

But. Found on Flylyf. Basically car super giant McLaren has teamed up with the Specialized bike company to create a high performance, all carbon fibre road bike. Price Tag: $9000.

More to come. Cheers.

- lawrence.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Photography. //

Found this on Icethetics, a Hockey Jersey blog. Anyway. With playoff season among, here's a retrospect of the last 14 years of NHL cup winners. Set called "The Colours of Winning."


Colorado Avalanche - Joe Sackic - 1996

Detroit Redwings - Steve Yzerman - 1997

Detroit Red Wings - Steve Yzerman - 1998

Dallas Stars - Derian Hatcher - 1999

New Jersey Devils - Scott Stevens - 2000

Colorado Avalanche - Joe Sakic - 2001

Detroit Red Wings - Steve Yzerman - 2002

New Jersey Devils - Scott Stevens - 2003

Tampa Bay Lightning - Dave Anderychuk - 2004

Carolina Hurricanes - Rod Brind'Amour - 2006

Anaheim Mighty Ducks - Scott Niedermayer - 2007

Detroit Red Wings - Nicklaus Lidstrom - 2008

Pittsburgh Penguins - Sidney Crosby - 2009

Chicago Blackhawks - Jonathan Toews - 2010

- lawrence.

Photography. //

Shots that I found on InspireFirst. The first set circled around Light. The second is on Survival. For more posts, check in often. Cheers.

- lawrence.