Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Still Young Forever //

This is basically Jay-Z's Young Forever with out Jay-Z.

The track didn't make the cut for Mr. Hudson's sophomore album Straight No Chaser, which I do like. Check out the album.

Till later

Nike Dunks, 6! //

Nike Dunk "Skunks". Some what themed after a high cultural holiday that just passed.

Till later.

Drunk girls are boringly wild //

New single from anticipated 3rd album from LCD Soundsystem. Stoked.

Album drops May 18th.

Till later

Life in 3D //

So to me it seems like technology is moving WAY to fast for anyone. We're finally adjusting and handling High Definition television, and all its glory. It's the norm. But now, introduction of 3d is soon moving in. Samsung has produced and already sold their first 3D television in Australia.

Television channels are already ahead of themselves by producing broadcasts in 3D; including this past Masters Tournament and a handful of soccer matches in Europe. Official plans are to launch the 3D technology with the largest television stage: the World Cup. In June, Sony will be filming most of the matches in 3D, and experimenting with the technology.

I just feel that this technology just won't fly. As won't the 3D camera and picture frame to match.

Just love technology.

Till later

Roar of a Country //

Old news but... It couldn't have happened any other way; Canada Men's Hockey Team winning Olympic Gold on home soil in Vancouver, in overtime, against our greatest rival the United States.

Get a ear of downtown Vancouver when that OT Crosby goal was scored...

I guess its our game...

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- law.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

City Life After Death //

Channel surfing and a distraction from my papers led me to this for my rebirth: Man vs. Wild.

For those who aren't aware, basically a survival/reality show depicting how to survive in different environments. Hosted by Bear Grylls, who is a former SAS (Special Air Service) Unit with the UK Special Forces as a trooper, survival instructor and Patrol Medic. So he's well equipped and experienced.

Anyway. Episode aired tonight; but rather than surviving in a natural environment, an urban environment was chosen. Scenario: basically survive a post-disaster urban city. It was filmed recently in Skrunda, Latvia. The town had a population of 5000 during the Cold War, but has been abandoned over a decade ago after the Russian Military withdrew from Latvia during the Soviet collapse.

Just from watching it, seemed quite eerie seeing a deserted city such as that. But very interesting.

If you're intrigued, follow below for the full episode (in 5 parts via youtube)

Rooftop to shaft, Inside the factory, Food and shelter, Further exploration, and Civilization.

Fun fact: Ben Stiller is signed on to do a guest appearance with Bear on a soon to be air episode. Similar to Will Ferrell's episode.

So yeah. More to come... sparingly.

till later.

Rebirth. //

Basically the only word to describe the Safeguard.

I've been away from this for about 2 months, and for me at least, it's long overdue. School has been an occupier, as well as life itself. But taking some time tonight to myself, I've decided to embark on it once again. Until the school year is done, I'll hopefully be back regularly and way better than ever. So enjoy.

And really... Don't Call It a Comeback.

till later
- law.