Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let's Go Get Lost. //

Nothing more than a snowboard video that drops in the fall. Enjoy.

More: here. Music: Kyle Andrews - Sushi

Till later.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Greatest. //

In allude to the Los Angeles Lakers winning their series last night... it makes sense to bring this up.

Kobe Bean Bryant; one of the greatest and most complete basketball players in the world. He's well recognized with 3 NBA titles, MVP award, 2-time Scoring Champion, 11-time NBA All-star, Olympic gold medal, etc. etc. etc.

Anyway. Recently, a documentary was based around Mister Bryant; entitled "Kobe Doin' Work". It was directed by Spike Lee, and it followed Kobe during an NBA full game. He was mic'ed and cameras followed his every move. It's a well put together and well done. And it reveals alot about Kobe as a player and about his character.


If you want to download the entire documentary, I can only find it as a torrent. It's 2 gigs, so its going to take a while to download, but its worth it. Don't know how?: simply download BitTorrent, install. Then download the torrent. From there, it should work.

So yeah. After watching this doc, you see that there's alot more to baseketball, and it involves a very high IQ. Enjoy. Till later.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wake Up Mr. West. //

Kanye Omari West. Some hate him. Some love him. Some have nothing to say about him. But he's quite the musician and artist. From entering the industry in 2001, Mr. West is well decorated with 12 Grammy awards and over 24 million record sales. Pretty damn good.

Anyway. His latest album, 808 & Heartbreak, has been out a few months, but still has that recognition and popularity. Kanye recently released his 5th single from the album, Paranoid, with a delightful video featuring the sultry Rhianna. So hot!

But yeah. For the album as a whole, its different from what you expect with Kanye West. He uses an auto-tune to alter his voice, and that is progressive throughout the album. Many thought this was a experiment for him, and hope that it was. His first thee albums follow a theme... College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation; with the latter dubbed Good Ass Job. But since 808s and Heartbreak wasn't Good Ass Job, we can only hope that that will follow next.

Also. Here are the other singles from 808. I find the videos to be unique and clever. Check'em out.

Love Lockdown.



Welcome To Heartbreak.

Lastly. If you want to download the album... Click

So yeah. Obv. you probably already heard of Kanye before in whatever context. But whatev. Till later.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wonders of the Roots. //

The Legendary Roots Crew! What can I say. One of the greatest hip-hop acts to come to stage. They are one of few few! hip-hop artists who include live instruments into their music. They have been a heavy influence in the genre, and still are a large part of it today. They've released 8 records, with already one more in the works. I've seen them live before, and they're a fantastic group!

Recently, Jimmy Fallon was appointed to replace Conan O'brien (him in a nutshell!) at Light Night and the Roots were signed on as being the house band for his show; Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon. To me it was great just because now that you're able to see them every night. But the thing is that it deters their touring and production for the new record. But worth it.

Anyway. With that said, with them being on a talk show, you're able to see the Roots play with artists and acts who you may not expect to see...

Lonely Island and the Roots - I'm on a Boat.

Beat Freaks (preforming their piece to In the Music - The Roots)

Beastie Boys and the Roots - So Whatcha Want

Ludacris and the Roots - Last Of A Dying Breed / I Do It For Hip Hop

With the show only being a few months old, and the potential of guest that appear; possibilities are endless. To show ode to the Roots, I hope to do a discography post within a few posts. So look out.

So yeah. The Roots... Cool! Till next.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Lego Launch. //

So. Recently, Lego introducing a new line; Lego Architecture.

The idea is the recreation of real life architecture world wide. Already, 4 American towers have been recreated:

The Sears Tower
, John Hancock Centre, Empire State Building, and the Seattle Space Needle.

On the horizon, Lego is planning on releasing a Frank Lloyd Wright series including Fallingwater and the Guggenheim Museum.

Pretty cool. Although, its listed as being real expensive, so that really stinks. But ah well.

Cool find. Till later.


Friday, May 22, 2009

RIP Koston Lakai... //

So. Lakai Footwear. The company's been in skate culture for 10 years now, and has made quite a name for themselves.

Few years back, Lakai release their well anticipated video "Fully Flared". Which gave the company alot of hype and put the spotlight on them.

Before that, the brand was able to sign pro skater Eric Koston, who is one of best in the world.

Soon to follow the signing, Koston released his signature model shoe with the team... etc. etc.

Recently, like 2 months ago, he decided to leave the team to pursue other ventures, but it was leaked that for the Fall/Winter line, Lakai were to release Koston's pro model shoe, but as a hi top, which looks amazing. But due to his leaving, the shoes have been scrapped and will not see the light of day. Shame!

It's stinks that no one will ever see these shoes in the flesh. They look real good. And would have been definitely a good seller for Lakai. But, ah well. I'm sure whatever team Koston joins in the near future, that his shoe will look sick.

So yeah. I have a job now. Till later.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mash It Up; American Gangster. //

Shawn Corey Carter... or to us; Jay-Z. He's an icon in the music industry, building his "empire" slowly and steadily. Already, he's recorded 10 records, each going at least platinum, 8 Grammy awards, owner of the New Jersey Nets, married to Beyonce Knowles, founder of Rocawear, and its goes on and one. Very impressive.

Anyway. His latest work, not including new stuff from Blueprint 3, was American Gangster.

If you know already, a film with Denzel shares the same name; American Gangster.

Jay-z's album American Gangster was inspired by the film, making this his first "concept" record.

Anyway. With the release of the album, an acapella version was released as well. This gave the opportunity for producers and DJs to create their own American Gangster album. Ever since its release, there are dozens upon dozens of remixed albums

I've heard my share of American Gangster remixes, but two in my mind stand out:

Brooklyn Soul - Jay-Z and Marvin Gaye

American Gangsters - Jay-Z and Frank Sinatra

Definitely check these out. Very good listens, even if your not fans of hip-hop.

So yeah. Thought I'd share. Till later.


Monday, May 18, 2009

The Modern Day Kermit. //

This is something that you don't see very often; a muppet collaboration.

So. Renown photographer Terry Richardson, who has shot advertisements for Gucci, Nike, Belvedere and editorial spreads for GQ and Vogue, had an idea for his photoshoot with Supreme, a New York based clothing company.

The idea; to involve the world's most favourite frog; Kermit. And with that, the spread was made.

After the spread, Supreme continued with the Kermit theme, releasing decks, clothing, and toys featuring the green wonder.

For more with Terry and Supreme, minus the frog, check it here.

So yeah. Pretty cool idea and pretty cool photographer. Neat. Till next.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chip Off The Old "bloc". //

A little change of pace, but nonetheless...

Bloc Party: Basically a bunch of indie rock Brits, who've been around for a while. Already released 3 LPs an
d is worldly recognized. Probably the one song that's familiar would be Helicopter, which is also featured on Guitar Hero.

So yeah. Anyway. Of their three released records,
2 have been remixed. Various artists and DJs have taken each track off the albums, and revamped it to their own. For that, you don't see it very often.

Silent Alarm, which is their debut, was remixed by the likes of M83, Mogwai, Death From Above 1979 and many others. Recently, Bloc Party released their 3rd record, Intimacy, and followed that by releasing its remix. Along with the release, which is quite clever, they allowed for their fans to also be able to remix their tracks as well. Three songs off of Intimacy are available to download, where each track is segmented; individual
parts of the song are isolated. Already, hundreds of each track have been remixed by fans; you can check out the remixes on their myspace.

Anyways. I've listened to both albums; and they're pretty good. By far, Silent Alarm remixed is the better of the two, but that's just me. So yeah. Here you go: (click pics to download)

Silent Alarm


So yeah. Little change up from the usual hip hop. But change is good. So enjoy the music. Till next.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Pump Up, Air Out! //

It was bound to happen. For me to talk about shoes. So yeah.

The Reebok Pump: The shoe has been around since the early 90's and was popular back then. Big deal? Yes! Within the shoe was a pump, where it fitted the tongue so that cushions your foot, allowing for a better feel. Neat. Originally, the Pump was purely a basketball shoe, but with its success it streamed into other sports; football, tennis, and track.

Currently, Reebok re-released the Pump Court Victory II, one of Reebok's marquee Pump shoes, as a celebration of its 20th anniversary. These shoes were worn by tennis g
reat Michael Chang.

Anyway. I found this pair of the Victory II's and I thought that they're really clever. So Reebok teamed up with Alife (NYC clothing company) to create the "Ballout": a shoe that is fabricated by hand out of tennis ball felt. Only 48 pairs were made! Of this shoe, 2 other colorways were introduced; black and ice. Amazing!

Hopefully this is only one of many collaborations for the Pump...

So. Really that's all. Here's to another one. Till later.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nixon Player Update. //

Previously, I brought up the Player watch by Nixon and how they're re-releasing it as fully rubber... yada... yada...

So. With that said. The next colourway for the Rubber Player has been released and the lucky colour: Green!

The watch won't be for sale until the 15th, and again, it's going to be in limited quantity. But whatev; Ebay. More info on the watches here.

But yeah. Like I said before, I'm real interested in the Rubber Player and I hope to own one in the near future, regardless of what people might say. Ahem.

So yeah. Quickie but a goodie. So long. Till later.


Monday, May 11, 2009

(RED) Awareness... //

Found this today, and I thought it should definitely be mentioned; Product (RED).

So yeah. The Product (RED) campaign has been around for a few years now and has been quite successful in creating awareness. But what is Product (RED)?

It was introduced by Bono (of U2) and Bobby Shriver (politician, attorney, journalist) to raise money and awareness for fighting AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

How the campaign works is that Product (RED) partners up with company, who then creates a product with the Product (RED) logo. In return, a percentage of the profits made from it would be given to the Global Fund.

It already has a very solid foundation of compani
es; Gap Clothing, Converse, Apple, Microsoft, Dell, American Express, Emporio Armani, Starbucks, and Hallmark.

Now. What caught my eye is that Girl Skateboards has joined the Product (RED) campaign. They've chosen to release special decks with limited edition artwork.

For me, its great to see that the campaign is still expanding and that companies are taking the initiative to create this awareness, regardless of their market.
Obviously its a great cause and it shouldn't be overlooked. I really hope that other companies pick up on it and support the cause.

So yeah. For more info check out the Product (RED) site.

But yeah. Anyway. Here's to another post! Till next...


Sunday, May 10, 2009

A How To... //

I forgot to mention this before. Many of my music download/uploads posts involves already zipped music files.

Regardless if you use a Mac or PC, all you need to do to be able to listen to the music is:

1. Download the file.

2. Right-click file, and select "Extract to ..."

3. It then creates a folder with the title of the file and all its files within it.
4. Enjoy.

Hopefully this helps! Now you can hear what I hear! Good luck folks.


Please Excuse My Chester French. //

Chester French. Now, these guys have been getting alot of attention in 2008/2009.

In early 2008, they signed a record deal with Star Trak, Pharrell's label. But before even that, Pharrell and Kanye West were at a bidding war to be able to sign these guys to their respecting labels. Big d
eal! Also. Tidbit! It's surprising to me that both guys from Chester French, Maxwell Drummey and D.A. Wallach, are Harvard grads. And that their band name, Chester French, is named after the sculptor Daniel Chester French, who designed the Lincoln Memorial and other American mounuments. Clever.

Regardless. These guys are quite good! They have a very indie pop/rock feel, but for some reason are more well known in the hip-hop community. They've collaborated with artists like Common, Asher Roth [more on Asher soon], Talib Kweli, and of course Pharrell, and are continuing to push forward with their music.

So. With their success, they've recently released their first mixtape in April, as well as their first studio record; (click the pics to download)

Jacques Jams, Vol. 1: Endurance (sign up to download, its worth it)

Love the Future

Like I said, these guys are good. So check them out!

But yeah. That's really it for now. Till later.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trek times Airwalk times Staple. //

So yeah. I've been in the city of Toronto for the past few days, leading up to Sunday, so this is just a minor post. No real bells and whistles here.

But yeah. So;
Star Trek is coming out tomorrow to theaters and to me it looks pretty decent! It's directed by JJ Abrams, who did Cloverfield and Lost. I wasn't much of a sci-fi fan or of Star Trek, but this movie may hook me in, but just only slightly.

Anyway, to commemorate the release of the film, Airwak Footwear is coming out with a collaboration between them, Staple (a NYC Clothing company), and obviously Star Trek. They're your basic high cut shoes in all silver. They drop on the release date of the movie, May 8th, but are in limited quality. Check 'em out here.

But yeah. That's really it. See the movie if you want. But like it said, it looks
good. Anyway. Enjoy! And till later.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Homage to the Player. //

So yeah. Nixon has been around for a few several years now, coming out with real decent guys and gals watches. Most of them are pretty simplistic, which I love. With that said, I'm a proud owner of 2 Nixon watches and I'm still looking to buy.

Anyway. Lately, they've been paying homage to one of their longest running and well known designs; the Player.

They've chosen to re-release the Player, but in rubber, starting this past March. So far, Nixon have showcased an all Red Player in March and an all Blue in April. May and June are left, and they'll be released on the 15th of each month. And I have to
say, they look real nice...

Price wise, somewhat reasonable: $225ish; depending on where or how you get it. But it's in limited quantity and release, so the real reward to own just one. Definitely on the to get list, but I guess it depends on my income this summer; which so far is at zero! Great...

Regardless. If want specs or other views of the the Rubber Player; check it here.

Anyway folks, 'till another day. Peace out.


Monday, May 4, 2009

The Original House Party and Beggin'. //

So. I stumbled upon this video a few weeks ago, and thought it was a clever campaign by Adidas to celebrate their Original line. Basically its the Original house party; with appearances by Russell Simmons, Beckham, Missy, Jeezy, Kevin Garnett and other Adidas noticeables. But what got me the most about this ad was the song; very catchy, very upbeat, very cool. But what's the song?

Answer: Somewhat two fold: The song is Beggin' by Madcon. But that's actually a remake/cover of a 60's hit by The Four Seasons, with the song of the same title. I looked into Madcon a bit more, and they're a hip hop duo from Norway (of all places). Very well known in Europe, and slowly gaining popularity in North America. Their song Beggin' has been used for alot, and is one of their top singles. For me, I find them very comparable to Gnarls Barkley, with their blending of hip-hop, pop, jazz, funk, etc.

If you're looking for more Madcon, check out their myspace or download their 2nd LP, which features Beggin'. The ablum; So Dark the Con of Man.

But yeah. Enjoy it. More to come.


Cool Kids Drop New Mixtape. //

The Cool Kids:
A hip-hop duo coming out of the Midwest. Not quite your typical hip-hip group. Mixes big bass
and early 90's hip hop (EMPD, Public Enemy), and ties in alternative lyrics. (not about hustlin', pushin', pimpin', etc.)

Gone Fishing:
This mixtape's got new stuff from Cool Kids. It's been in the works for a few months, and highly anticipated. Basically just a preview for their new LP soon to be dropped in latter 2009; When Fish Ride Bicycles. Anyway, Gone Fishing can be d/l'ed here.

Bake Sale:
Cool Kids first EP. Very good listen. Worth the extra time clicking and waiting to download. Here.

But yeah. Cool Kids; enjoy! More soon.


The First of Many. //

So let it begin:
The boredom being at home and unemployed has already hit me. So to solve for this... create my own blog?

This is probably the first of many updates in dealing with the noticeable happenings that I come across daily/weekly. So to those who are reading; enjoy.