Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mario Lives. //

Minor thing that's worth mentioning. Conan O'brien took Jay Leno's job at the Tonight Show after announcing his movement to primetime within these past few weeks. It's been noticed that Conan's backdrop during his monologue looks quite familiar.

It's hard to say if it was done on purpose, but I kind of think so.
So. To the Mushroom Kingdom.

Till later.


More Than Meets The Eye. //

So. Transformer 2 opened this past weekend, grossing over $200 million in box office sales. Big deal! To follow this momentousness movie and franchise, Nike has created 2 kicks inspired by the aforementioned flick.

The first shoe; Nike Foamposite, a basketball shoe. The Transformer; Autobot Bumblebee. What gets me even more, is that the packaging mimics the retro toy right down to the window to see the transformer... Snazzy.

The second release; Deceptcon Soundwave with th
e Nike Sharkalaid. Also snazzy.
Obviously, this is the second of two releases. The first being this, and the first Transformers film.

I have to say, good call on Nike's part to get in on the profit and hype of the Transformers franchise, and rekindling the love of these retro toys. Hat goes off the them.

I've yet to see the Rise of the Fallen, but I've heard that the hype is there. So, next cheap night, I'm there! If not, Public Enemies will fill the void. Maybe Nike will make a pair of John Dillinger Dunks? Fingers crossed.

Till later.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Remembrance of MJ. //

So. It's been a long week of mourning. Farrah Fawcett. Ed Mcmahon. Billy Mays. and the King of Pop; Michael Jackson. MJ's death was tragic, and unpredictable. He was a huge influence to many within the music industry, being a part of what music is today. Just look how Michael's songs have been a major influence to others.

So. Michael was a big deal. His "Thriller" album still holds as the best-selling album of all time, with over 100 million copies, and probably soon to increase after his passing. And the single with the same name, was the first to be a short film turned music video.

Anyway. Here I found two good downloads of Michael Jackson. So check'em out. Click.

So yeah. To a great performer, artist and showman. RIP.

Till later.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Dat KiD! //

Kid Cudi. I know that you've heard of him before. He's one of those artists where you know the song, but not him. Well. Just to start; He did "Day 'N' Nite" and collaborated with Crookers (really dirty house music) for a remix (which, by the way, both videos are well done). He also made an appearance on a couple tracks on Kanye's 808s and Heartbreak. Recently, he with Mr. West and Common came together to make "Make Her Say", or to others "I Poke Her Face", which was the original song title. In my opinion, good song, but for some reason, already sick of it. Sorry.

But regardless, that's Kid Cudi so far. He's also graced the covers of XXL, where him and 9 other hip hop hopefuls were dubbed
"Freshman", entering a new age of the genre.

Plus so far, he's released 2 mixtapes, that I'm aware of atleast, that are quite good; A Kid Named Cudi & Dat Kid from Cleveland. (click the link to download the albums)

One track that got some attention, was "Sky Might Fall", where; a) it was produced by Kanye West, and b) it was played over the new Transformers
2 trailer. (Note: i know that the clip, ISN'T the trailer, but it works for this)

With this all said and done; Kid Cudi is currently working on release his first studio album to drop this August. Much anticipated. Also. There's word on that he's working on a collab with electronic duo, Ratatat, which I'm a fan and super stoked on. Unknown date, but look out for it.

Other than that, keep an eye on Cudi. He's real close to Kanye West, where he's signed under his G.O.O.D. Music label, so expect bigger and larger things on deck. I leave with a clip, from a previous post...

till later.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Yabba Dabba Shoe! //

Firstly, let the title slide. Think what you must, but you have to admit its clever. You'll see...

Anyway. Nike is "bowling" out a pair of nostalgic cartoon shoes, which may "twinkle" our toes. If you don't already know what I'm hinting at with the bad puns; an ode to the Flintstones - a Fred Flintstone Nike Shoe. With Fred's vintage orange and black print on the shoe and aqua colored tie for the laces, logo and sole, it seems very true to Fred. It even has the classic dino bones spelling out Nike on the heel. Hats off to Nike for these. Let's hope that this continues, and maybe we'll see others... perhaps George Jetson or Yogi? Fingers Crossed.

So yeah. That's all for now. Here's to a good week! Till later.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Final Curtain; Nixon Rubber Player. //

that is all. till later.


Not 1 but Three. //

Jeremy Scott, an American born fashion designer, has teamed up with Adidas for a second time, the first with this, to create a shoe, and a fashion line. His idea; a triple-tongued shoe. I could only assume, it would be an ode to the logo, three stripes... three tongues.

The shoe looks really clean, and for some reason to kinda works. So yeah. For more from Jeremy Scott's line for the fall/winter with adidas; see it here.

Since work, posts have been slowing down... but still will be coming at full steam.

Till later.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Blue Lobsters. //

So. A huge viral marketing campaign was made for this release and its quite clever. Check it here.

Concepts, a store in Cambridge, Mass., has collaborated with Nike, for the 2nd time, to release another signature Dunk. The first one's were the original Red Lobsters and their 2nd... the Blue Lobster. So along with the release came a campaign on the
Blue Lobster... Basically a fake news campaign where "Blue Lobsters" are taking over the east coast and are menaces to society... the usual drama...

The shoes were released this past Friday, but for a pretty penny of 250$ USD. Ouch!

Along with the shoes, Concepts also teamed up with Alien Workshop to create a Blue Lobster deck that was given away with the purchase of the dunks...

Pretty sweet, I have to say. Too bad for huge price. Kinda a stickler. But ah well.

Trying to post as much as I can, but work impedes this. Anyway. Till later.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

From Classic to Classy. //

It's very fitting (no pun here, you'll see) for this post when game 3 of the NBA finals are tonight. Anyway.

If found these a few weeks back, and thought they were super clever. A fashion designer took NBA jerseys and recycled them into cardigans/vests.

They look odd, but it works.

So yeah. Had a long weekend in the city; but worth it. Till later.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yadda Yadda Yadda... //

Short. Don't have time. But want to update. So. Seinfeld Pennant T-shirts. George and the Yanks. Jerry and the Mets. Can buy here, and also other shirts.

Till later.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Best of Both Worlds. //

Two artists you wouldn't have imagine to collaborate would probably be these two guys; Mr. Travis Barker and DJ AM. Together they've come together to release 2 mixtape's which follow a mashup/remix feel; a la Girl Talk.

For alot of people, the name Travis Barker is well known as being an incredible drummer. You've probably seen some of his own takes on music.

As for DJ AM; different story. We was once the DJ for Crazytown, but from there he slowly gained recognition and fame. He's worked with Madonna, Will Smith, Jay-Z and has played many different celebrity parities including Leo DiCaprio, Ben Stiller, and Jim Carrey.

Before collaborating on the mixtapes they performed together live on various stages. And soon came together to work on creating 2 mixtapes with that mashup feel.

Here's a look at the mix:

For the downloads, just click.

So yeah. A drummer and a dj. Who knew? Till Later