Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chock Full O'Sandwiches

So as you know, Philadelphia's own, the Roots, is Jimmy Fallon's house band for his Late Nite show.

Recently, Questlove (the band's co leader and drummer) released "sandwiches"; basically the songs that the band play when entering and coming out of a commercial break. Already, from the 9 months the shows existed, they already hit 1000 of these snippets. So he's released 22 'sandwiches' on a freebie download.

But yeah. I've been on a huge hiatus from blogging which has sucked. Bombarded with tonne of school work; projects and exams. But I'm finally done for the semester; and only one more to go! But I'll be back to updating regularly since I'm on break and have zero responsibilities. Happy Reading.

till later.


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