Saturday, April 10, 2010

City Life After Death //

Channel surfing and a distraction from my papers led me to this for my rebirth: Man vs. Wild.

For those who aren't aware, basically a survival/reality show depicting how to survive in different environments. Hosted by Bear Grylls, who is a former SAS (Special Air Service) Unit with the UK Special Forces as a trooper, survival instructor and Patrol Medic. So he's well equipped and experienced.

Anyway. Episode aired tonight; but rather than surviving in a natural environment, an urban environment was chosen. Scenario: basically survive a post-disaster urban city. It was filmed recently in Skrunda, Latvia. The town had a population of 5000 during the Cold War, but has been abandoned over a decade ago after the Russian Military withdrew from Latvia during the Soviet collapse.

Just from watching it, seemed quite eerie seeing a deserted city such as that. But very interesting.

If you're intrigued, follow below for the full episode (in 5 parts via youtube)

Rooftop to shaft, Inside the factory, Food and shelter, Further exploration, and Civilization.

Fun fact: Ben Stiller is signed on to do a guest appearance with Bear on a soon to be air episode. Similar to Will Ferrell's episode.

So yeah. More to come... sparingly.

till later.

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