Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome. //

Bonjour. Shalom. Goedendag. Namaste. Hola. Hello.

So. I've decided to resurrect my once decease blog for the next 60ish days. After these said days, I leave for a great summer at Lake Waseosa and at Huronda; where the internet doesn't exist.

Basically, I'll be posting links, music, videos, etc. on my daily encounters on the internet blogosphere. That's it. No lengthy descriptions. No reviews. No nothing. Just keeping it to the bare bones.

To those who will stick with me and come here each day; I give my thanks.

Anyway. To start:

BBC's Human Planet. Another great series brought to you by the same folks of Planet Earth, Blue Planet, and Life.

Hope you enjoy.

- lawrence.

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