Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bumblebees Invades the City of Angels. //

In the city of lights and glamour; Los Angeles, California, street art is nothing out of the ordinary, with artwork strewn all across the city with many prolific artists showing their work.

One artist, Bumblebee, showcases his talents all over the city with bumblebee themed artwork. Already the artist has much his artwork all over the city. Currently, he's in the process of installing outdoor fixtures in telling a story. Quite Clever. It seems like alot of thought and time are put into the work.

To see more of his work see his Flickr page. Definitely check it out.

Its good to see a diversity in street art, than oppossed to everyone using grafitti as their medium. And its clever to see art devoted to the children's side of life. Spot on.

Till later.


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