Monday, June 15, 2009

Blue Lobsters. //

So. A huge viral marketing campaign was made for this release and its quite clever. Check it here.

Concepts, a store in Cambridge, Mass., has collaborated with Nike, for the 2nd time, to release another signature Dunk. The first one's were the original Red Lobsters and their 2nd... the Blue Lobster. So along with the release came a campaign on the
Blue Lobster... Basically a fake news campaign where "Blue Lobsters" are taking over the east coast and are menaces to society... the usual drama...

The shoes were released this past Friday, but for a pretty penny of 250$ USD. Ouch!

Along with the shoes, Concepts also teamed up with Alien Workshop to create a Blue Lobster deck that was given away with the purchase of the dunks...

Pretty sweet, I have to say. Too bad for huge price. Kinda a stickler. But ah well.

Trying to post as much as I can, but work impedes this. Anyway. Till later.


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