Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Best of Both Worlds. //

Two artists you wouldn't have imagine to collaborate would probably be these two guys; Mr. Travis Barker and DJ AM. Together they've come together to release 2 mixtape's which follow a mashup/remix feel; a la Girl Talk.

For alot of people, the name Travis Barker is well known as being an incredible drummer. You've probably seen some of his own takes on music.

As for DJ AM; different story. We was once the DJ for Crazytown, but from there he slowly gained recognition and fame. He's worked with Madonna, Will Smith, Jay-Z and has played many different celebrity parities including Leo DiCaprio, Ben Stiller, and Jim Carrey.

Before collaborating on the mixtapes they performed together live on various stages. And soon came together to work on creating 2 mixtapes with that mashup feel.

Here's a look at the mix:

For the downloads, just click.

So yeah. A drummer and a dj. Who knew? Till Later


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