Friday, June 26, 2009

Dat KiD! //

Kid Cudi. I know that you've heard of him before. He's one of those artists where you know the song, but not him. Well. Just to start; He did "Day 'N' Nite" and collaborated with Crookers (really dirty house music) for a remix (which, by the way, both videos are well done). He also made an appearance on a couple tracks on Kanye's 808s and Heartbreak. Recently, he with Mr. West and Common came together to make "Make Her Say", or to others "I Poke Her Face", which was the original song title. In my opinion, good song, but for some reason, already sick of it. Sorry.

But regardless, that's Kid Cudi so far. He's also graced the covers of XXL, where him and 9 other hip hop hopefuls were dubbed
"Freshman", entering a new age of the genre.

Plus so far, he's released 2 mixtapes, that I'm aware of atleast, that are quite good; A Kid Named Cudi & Dat Kid from Cleveland. (click the link to download the albums)

One track that got some attention, was "Sky Might Fall", where; a) it was produced by Kanye West, and b) it was played over the new Transformers
2 trailer. (Note: i know that the clip, ISN'T the trailer, but it works for this)

With this all said and done; Kid Cudi is currently working on release his first studio album to drop this August. Much anticipated. Also. There's word on that he's working on a collab with electronic duo, Ratatat, which I'm a fan and super stoked on. Unknown date, but look out for it.

Other than that, keep an eye on Cudi. He's real close to Kanye West, where he's signed under his G.O.O.D. Music label, so expect bigger and larger things on deck. I leave with a clip, from a previous post...

till later.


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