Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Than Meets The Eye. //

So. Transformer 2 opened this past weekend, grossing over $200 million in box office sales. Big deal! To follow this momentousness movie and franchise, Nike has created 2 kicks inspired by the aforementioned flick.

The first shoe; Nike Foamposite, a basketball shoe. The Transformer; Autobot Bumblebee. What gets me even more, is that the packaging mimics the retro toy right down to the window to see the transformer... Snazzy.

The second release; Deceptcon Soundwave with th
e Nike Sharkalaid. Also snazzy.
Obviously, this is the second of two releases. The first being this, and the first Transformers film.

I have to say, good call on Nike's part to get in on the profit and hype of the Transformers franchise, and rekindling the love of these retro toys. Hat goes off the them.

I've yet to see the Rise of the Fallen, but I've heard that the hype is there. So, next cheap night, I'm there! If not, Public Enemies will fill the void. Maybe Nike will make a pair of John Dillinger Dunks? Fingers crossed.

Till later.


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