Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Like Liquor for Punks? //

So you must be wondering about the title... "Like Liquor for Punks"

Well. This is somewhat of a mash. It was created by Heartbeat da Producer (who's also artist) and he took Daft Punk beats and laid down Lupe Fiasco and Common tracks over top. Odd combination, but it works. He used material from Food and Liquor, Lupe's first EP. and Some older tracks fro Common. It really works. For a trial; see here.

Heartbeat has also release a full length, seen on his myspace. It's new to me, but is currently being searched for personal use. From the tracks given at the site, seems legit. But my ears will be the judge.

But yeah. If you like, check it out... click above.

Anyway. It's been a long work week, and going to be a wee bit longer with being in the city Thursday-Sunday. But whatev.

Till later.


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