Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Greatest. //

In allude to the Los Angeles Lakers winning their series last night... it makes sense to bring this up.

Kobe Bean Bryant; one of the greatest and most complete basketball players in the world. He's well recognized with 3 NBA titles, MVP award, 2-time Scoring Champion, 11-time NBA All-star, Olympic gold medal, etc. etc. etc.

Anyway. Recently, a documentary was based around Mister Bryant; entitled "Kobe Doin' Work". It was directed by Spike Lee, and it followed Kobe during an NBA full game. He was mic'ed and cameras followed his every move. It's a well put together and well done. And it reveals alot about Kobe as a player and about his character.


If you want to download the entire documentary, I can only find it as a torrent. It's 2 gigs, so its going to take a while to download, but its worth it. Don't know how?: simply download BitTorrent, install. Then download the torrent. From there, it should work.

So yeah. After watching this doc, you see that there's alot more to baseketball, and it involves a very high IQ. Enjoy. Till later.


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