Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wake Up Mr. West. //

Kanye Omari West. Some hate him. Some love him. Some have nothing to say about him. But he's quite the musician and artist. From entering the industry in 2001, Mr. West is well decorated with 12 Grammy awards and over 24 million record sales. Pretty damn good.

Anyway. His latest album, 808 & Heartbreak, has been out a few months, but still has that recognition and popularity. Kanye recently released his 5th single from the album, Paranoid, with a delightful video featuring the sultry Rhianna. So hot!

But yeah. For the album as a whole, its different from what you expect with Kanye West. He uses an auto-tune to alter his voice, and that is progressive throughout the album. Many thought this was a experiment for him, and hope that it was. His first thee albums follow a theme... College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation; with the latter dubbed Good Ass Job. But since 808s and Heartbreak wasn't Good Ass Job, we can only hope that that will follow next.

Also. Here are the other singles from 808. I find the videos to be unique and clever. Check'em out.

Love Lockdown.



Welcome To Heartbreak.

Lastly. If you want to download the album... Click

So yeah. Obv. you probably already heard of Kanye before in whatever context. But whatev. Till later.


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