Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wonders of the Roots. //

The Legendary Roots Crew! What can I say. One of the greatest hip-hop acts to come to stage. They are one of few few! hip-hop artists who include live instruments into their music. They have been a heavy influence in the genre, and still are a large part of it today. They've released 8 records, with already one more in the works. I've seen them live before, and they're a fantastic group!

Recently, Jimmy Fallon was appointed to replace Conan O'brien (him in a nutshell!) at Light Night and the Roots were signed on as being the house band for his show; Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon. To me it was great just because now that you're able to see them every night. But the thing is that it deters their touring and production for the new record. But worth it.

Anyway. With that said, with them being on a talk show, you're able to see the Roots play with artists and acts who you may not expect to see...

Lonely Island and the Roots - I'm on a Boat.

Beat Freaks (preforming their piece to In the Music - The Roots)

Beastie Boys and the Roots - So Whatcha Want

Ludacris and the Roots - Last Of A Dying Breed / I Do It For Hip Hop

With the show only being a few months old, and the potential of guest that appear; possibilities are endless. To show ode to the Roots, I hope to do a discography post within a few posts. So look out.

So yeah. The Roots... Cool! Till next.


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