Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trek times Airwalk times Staple. //

So yeah. I've been in the city of Toronto for the past few days, leading up to Sunday, so this is just a minor post. No real bells and whistles here.

But yeah. So;
Star Trek is coming out tomorrow to theaters and to me it looks pretty decent! It's directed by JJ Abrams, who did Cloverfield and Lost. I wasn't much of a sci-fi fan or of Star Trek, but this movie may hook me in, but just only slightly.

Anyway, to commemorate the release of the film, Airwak Footwear is coming out with a collaboration between them, Staple (a NYC Clothing company), and obviously Star Trek. They're your basic high cut shoes in all silver. They drop on the release date of the movie, May 8th, but are in limited quality. Check 'em out here.

But yeah. That's really it. See the movie if you want. But like it said, it looks
good. Anyway. Enjoy! And till later.


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