Friday, May 22, 2009

RIP Koston Lakai... //

So. Lakai Footwear. The company's been in skate culture for 10 years now, and has made quite a name for themselves.

Few years back, Lakai release their well anticipated video "Fully Flared". Which gave the company alot of hype and put the spotlight on them.

Before that, the brand was able to sign pro skater Eric Koston, who is one of best in the world.

Soon to follow the signing, Koston released his signature model shoe with the team... etc. etc.

Recently, like 2 months ago, he decided to leave the team to pursue other ventures, but it was leaked that for the Fall/Winter line, Lakai were to release Koston's pro model shoe, but as a hi top, which looks amazing. But due to his leaving, the shoes have been scrapped and will not see the light of day. Shame!

It's stinks that no one will ever see these shoes in the flesh. They look real good. And would have been definitely a good seller for Lakai. But, ah well. I'm sure whatever team Koston joins in the near future, that his shoe will look sick.

So yeah. I have a job now. Till later.


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