Sunday, May 10, 2009

Please Excuse My Chester French. //

Chester French. Now, these guys have been getting alot of attention in 2008/2009.

In early 2008, they signed a record deal with Star Trak, Pharrell's label. But before even that, Pharrell and Kanye West were at a bidding war to be able to sign these guys to their respecting labels. Big d
eal! Also. Tidbit! It's surprising to me that both guys from Chester French, Maxwell Drummey and D.A. Wallach, are Harvard grads. And that their band name, Chester French, is named after the sculptor Daniel Chester French, who designed the Lincoln Memorial and other American mounuments. Clever.

Regardless. These guys are quite good! They have a very indie pop/rock feel, but for some reason are more well known in the hip-hop community. They've collaborated with artists like Common, Asher Roth [more on Asher soon], Talib Kweli, and of course Pharrell, and are continuing to push forward with their music.

So. With their success, they've recently released their first mixtape in April, as well as their first studio record; (click the pics to download)

Jacques Jams, Vol. 1: Endurance (sign up to download, its worth it)

Love the Future

Like I said, these guys are good. So check them out!

But yeah. That's really it for now. Till later.


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